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Now Any Business Can Enjoy Security From The Cloud.

Zscaler has transformed the enterprise IT security market with a cloud-based solution that enables enterprises to embrace innovation securely, while delivering a superior user experience across devices. Configured in minutes, Zscaler SHIFT leverages the threat intelligence harnessed from the Zscaler cloud which processes 12 billion transactions from 4,500 large enterprises from 10 million users accessing the cloud from 183 countries. Now any business, regardless of size, can connect to the Internet with confidence.


Transparently enforce security and corporate policies from any device without impacting end-user experience. Zscaler SHIFT protects against malware, botnets and advanced threats. It also limits liability by filtering salacious sights.


An intuitive dashboard provides instant insight into security posture, malicious activity and internet browsing trends, consolidating and correlating this information across the entire organization in real-time.


Select one of four risk tolerance settings to instantly enforce common policies. Or, select specific Internet browsing categories to create a custom policy. Granular control of Web browsing is enabled through specific block/allow lists.

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